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I’ve got some good news, and some bad news.  Let’s start with the bad news.

We’ve got a cultural problem that is hindering our youth.  I’m not sure when it first started… but at some point, it became “uncool” to try.  The negative social stigma around “trying too hard” actually left me in fear of doing my best.  This ideaology spanned the entire spectrum.  Did you practice longer than anyone else for your auditions?  You’re an “overacheiver.”  Study really hard for that test?  You aren’t really smart if you have to work that hard.  You actually set a goal and train every day for a sport?  You must not have as much responsibility as the rest of us if you can devote that much time to your training..  Aren’t you lucky.

You see… not only are we “effort-shaming,” but actually we brag about how little effort we put in!  Mediocracy is…

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