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Gabi Uri is missing muscles in her calves and her abs plus she has scoliosis. She’s 16 and has had this condition since birth. Since she was born she’s had 14 surgeries to help correct her condition as much as possible. She walks with a slight limp.

I mention that to set the stage. But first, Google “plank”. It’s sort of like a pushup position but your elbows are also on the ground.

How long can you hold the plank position? Try right now. I’m going to try it. Hold on.

Ok, it took me about 45 seconds before I realized this was a nightmare. And then around the two minute mark I stopped.

You realize when you are doing it that you pretty much need the muscles in your abs and calves.

So here’s the point: in April, Gabi Ury held herself in this position

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