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15 Things You’ll Do When You Think About Your Ex-Best Friend

Thought Catalog


1. You want to be happy for their successes, but what you end up doing is comparing your life to theirs, as if there is this latent competition you both are complicit in, but have never actually admitted out loud.

2. The competition is: whoever’s life is better, wins the breakup.

3. You will vacillate between two extremes: feeling incredibly petty over this friendship ending and feeling incredibly righteous about it. It was either the stupidest reason to break up a friendship over or the best, with really no inbetween.

4. You will scan through the years of your friendship and pull out past transgressions to fan the flames of your burning relationship.

5. You will look at their Instagram or Facebook and scrutinize their public life and you’ll pick out their flaws, downgrade their achievements, and generally feel pretty awful about yourself while you do this.

5. You…

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