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The Voldemort Lab

Oh this is sooooooo nerdy. And so good.

Life at Hogwarts College of Medicine

Homaira’s Note: The majority of this piece was written on Tuesday afternoon (November 11th) from the obscure depths of the Penn State Hershey Health Sciences Library. Our class had an exam this morning.

To be taken with a cauldron of salt

The new 24/7 medical student lounge reminded Harry of another place he had known during his stay at Hogwarts School of Pre-Medicine. The blinds on the windows were shut tight, so as to protect innocent passersby from the discomfiting sight. The room was saturated with the unique scents of procedures gone wrong, in addition to the rumble of frantic students flipping through grease-stained manuals lying over puddles of clear, putrid fluid on the metal tables. Harry and his classmates now spent all of their waking hours on the third floor, only steps away from a panoramic view of the rural autumn landscape, but they might as well have been…

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