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Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Surgeons

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True Stories From The Front Lines of Medicine

There is a reason surgeons are generally disliked by other physicians.  And a lot of other people, too.  A fair percentage of us are assholes.  While disagreeable surgeons may be easily found in every field of surgery, it is universally agreed that the biggest assholes are thoracic surgeons.  There are many reasons for this, generally relating to the type of person attracted to a program that requires every-other night call for upwards of seven years.  There are other reasons, too.IMG_0122

As a senior medical student, I considered myself hot shit.  I was smart and extremely hard working–in other words, I had no girlfriend.  As a hotshit senior medical student at an institution that considered itself to be the world’s best medical school, and destined in my mind to be a famous surgeon, I felt compelled to do an elective rotation on the…

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