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What does it really mean to work on the ebola response


Recruitsignment for the ebola response continues unabated. There still aren’t enough volunteers to fill the positions needed. And with small INGOs joining in now, the numbers required are not going to reduce any time soon. Most NGOs have international staff on short contracts: 2 – 8 week rotations. This means that by the time you’ve hired someone, you need to start finding their replacement. Some positions are being transferred to national staff but they are justifiably fearful too.

So what is it really like working in West Africa right now?

The biggest difference is not being able to touch people. It’s weirdest when you meet new people, especially colleagues. You stand awkwardly a meter away and nod. But both of you are fully aware of it. Then comes the second meeting when you automatically want to reach out and touch them in that way we do to reaffirm the…

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