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Sterilization camp in India kills 11 women – a government funded slaughterhouse

Dr. Jen Gunter

The reports from India read more like the review of a horror movie rather than a detailing of a government funded surgical program – 83 women receiving a surgical sterilization leaving 11 dead and another 50 hospitalized, 20 of whom (as of this posting) are seriously ill. And all of this happened in six hours with one surgeon at a government sponsored sterilization camp.  

As an OB/GYN I want to tell you how bad this actually is…

The most common method of tubal ligation is by laparoscopy, which is major surgery. An operating telescope is placed into the belly and a clip is placed across the Fallopian tubes to clamp them shut. Sometimes doctors remove the Fallopian tubes or burn them. The biggest risk from the surgery is inadvertently injuring the bowel (spilling stool leading to potentially catastrophic infection, bleeding, and even death), cutting a blood vessel (resulting in uncontrollable bleeding), and infection (from non bowel injury causes). There is also risk from…

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