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On “This Changes Everything”

The Kinge of Dremes

Every decade or so, Naomi Klein produces a massive work, analyzing something of particular importance to the sociopolitical realm in Western culture. Her newest book, “This Changes Everything”, concentrates on the sociopolitical realities of climate change. It is not a comforting read, despite her assurances that climate change can be used to enact the positive changes long desired by the liberal progressives. Scientists, she says, have set 2017 as the deadline before which we must begin cutting emissions at a fantastic rate if we are to have any hope of preventing the 2ºC rise in temperature before the end of the century. As with her previous books, she promotes social, grassroots movements to confront and change the powerful, but this time it’s not just political or corporate organizations that need to change; it is our own view of how we fit and interact with the natural world.

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