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Why Having It All Doesn’t Translate To Happiness Or Fulfillment

Thought Catalog

Anne Marthe WidveyAnne Marthe Widvey

The thing about growing up is that you find yourself with all the pieces of a life that you’ve spent years collecting. You have that job you’ve been coveting. You have the apartment. You have the spouse. You have the wardrobe, the car, the good enough amount of money to take care of yourself and buy yourself things that you want. Your life looks like the kind of life that you’d have wanted when you were younger. In all matter of speaking, you have it “all.” You’ve done the work, you’ve achieved the things, you’ve checkmarked off the list of What It Looks Like To Be A Happy And Well-Adjusted Adult. You have it all.

The thing they don’t tell you about having it all is that you never really know why you wanted it in the first place. It’s like you’ve trained for the race and…

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