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What Your Drink Says About You, From A Bartender

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On a recent trip to Wisconsin (PS: Dating in the Midwest sucks; here’s 10 reasons why.) I struck up a conversation with a bartender. After a few minutes, he revealed that after 16 years serving cocktails to women, he has a special, innate ability to determine a woman’s personality simply by the drink they love to order. Even if you aren’t a drinker (or you don’t agree with his assessment of your favorite drink) you’ll at least get a laugh or two. Come on, you know you’re curious. Here’s what he dished.

1. Malibu and Diet, Amaretto Sour
AKA any light alcohol drink (<20% alcohol). This girl wants to enjoy herself but wake up and know precisely where her panties are.

2. Rum and coke
These are fun party girls. They usually like to dance and hug and laugh. They let loose way more than Malibu…

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