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What “Shark Tank” Shows Us About Relying On Passion For Success

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Here’s a great #SharkTankPitch: Four billion dollars for a one percent stake in my career.

You guessed it, Lori… Daymond?… Mark? I’m looking for your support on my way to becoming one of you.

See, I don’t want to bother with this whole “having an idea,” “hustling,” “making things scalable” business. The only business I want to be in is being pitched businesses. Four billion oughta be enough to make my dream come true.

Some of my qualifications:

  • Gumption.
  • A can-do attitude.
  • Self-starter who works well in a group setting.
  • Great at posing in front of gaudy houses and vehicles.
  • Can wear the hell out of a pair of hideous, and more importantly hideously expensive, sunglasses.
  • Could be easily swayed by personal qualms regardless of how successful a venture might be.
  • It would cow the aspiring entrepreneurs even more if a Shark were clearly way, way younger than they…

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