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7 Of The Best Sounds You Can Hear

Thought Catalog

1. Coffee brewing in the morning.

Seriously. I don’t know if it gets any better than this. When you’re drudging yourself awake and realize that it is still not the weekend yet, there is nothing more satisfying than a good ol’ cup of Joe awaiting you. This particular sound is even better when you don’t have to make it yourself.

2. An old song you totally forgot you loved.

Whether it’s ‘Mr. Brightside’ by the Killers or ‘Be My Escape’ by Relient K, you start to remember just why this song was so freakin’ awesome. (This sound is best accompanied by awkward dance moves in your car.)

3. Rain hitting the window of your bedroom.

Cliché, but nevertheless a glorious sound to nudge you awake or lull you to sleep. Particularly for those of us living in an area prone to droughts (looking at you, Oklahoma) the sound of rain…

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