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Why You Shouldn’t Want Just A ‘Job’

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Up until this point in your life (if you’re anything like me, that is), you have worked a lot of “jobs.” “Jobs” are things you do solely to make money. You might hate every second of your “job,” whether it means scrubbing puke stains off bathroom floors (yep, done it), scoping puke out of baby pools (done that too), or actually being puked on by little kids who swallow too much water during swim lessons (so I’ve had a lot of puke in my life thus far…), but you know, at the end of every day, you’ve made money.

I’ve held a variety of “jobs” in my life. Like every young girl out there, I started with babysitting. My first babysitting job was horrifying to say the least. Let’s just say by the time the parents got home, there were two pairs of underwear and a diaper hanging from…

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