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My (500) Days Of Summer

” The problem with people who are honest and mean everything they say is that they naively believe that others do so as well. Sometimes I prefer my childlike fantasy over reality, fall in love with my own hopes and ideas and in the end suffer for thinking such innocent thoughts. Many times, if not all times in romance, I had been a victim of my own optimism.”

Thought Catalog

500 Days of Summer500 Days of Summer

We met on Tinder and I cherished every moment spent with her. I wasn’t expecting to meet someone I’d end up wanting to be with, since I hadn’t officially dated anyone in seven years. After many heartaches and let downs I’d become guarded and sensitive, very selective about the people I’d want to pursue any kind of relationship with. For a long time, I avoided feelings and didn’t search out anyone, until I met her.

I enjoyed her pace, our pace, and all the things we did together. I loved that we loved so many of the same things and I especially appreciated our differences. She caught me off guard when I first met her but knew after that evening I needed to spend the next couple of days re-arranging my mind so there would be room for her to stay. (Okay, we might have watched

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