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Lasting Effects of Inequality

What can you do with anthropology?

Inequality can be difficult for many people to understand, and deal with all together. So, Much of the time when people experience inequality they find ways to cope and deal with this uncomfortable barrier. This can involve pretending that the inequality doesn’t exist or attempting to have a better understanding of it. In the article Ethnographic fiction: the space between Roxanne Varzi discusses that when she was an 8 year old girl she used to “write stories to either escape or explain the revolution in Iran.” This was Varzi’s coping strategy to both escape and understand the violence and inequality she was experiencing.

Inequality can also result in liminal periods in a person’s life in the sense that they are not sure where they belong. Varzi explains that the revolution “turned her single identity as a dorageh, or two-veined Iranian into half-American.”It seems that experiencing inequality and or violence from…

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