Conversations I Wish I Had

A Recurrent Asperger’s-Related Conversation

The mark of true friendship 🙂
Your friends seem awesome!

This conversation has happened more than once since I discovered I am an “Aspie,” as we call ourselves, and then received all the confirmation I needed from my doctor, without paying for expensive testing, since no treatement exists for Asperger’s — and I do not want one, anyway. This is paraphrased, for the ideas involved matter more than the exact words.

Me:  “I’d like to share something with you. I’ve discovered one of the reasons I’m so different from other people — I believe I have Asperger’s Syndrome.”

Friends/Colleagues:   “Oh, we figured that out months ago! We were just afraid to tell you because we thought you’d be angry at us, and offended, if we did!”

Me (laughng):  “Don’t worry about it at all! I like being the way I am.”

My friends figured this out before I did, it seems, but we all know it now — and…

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