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6 Zen Lessons From Your Kids

Hmm.. Don’t entirely agree with some of the arguments that are made, but still an interesting weird to keep yourself ‘open-minded’ about parenting…

Thought Catalog

They say kids are your greatest teachers. But it’s not about quadratic equations, it’s about finding out how your own issues and pain create problems for those closest to you. And then hopefully, stopping the vicious cycle.

1. You are not entitled to any respect as a parent.

Most of us grew up under the auspices of ‘respect your elders’ for no good reason other than they were elders. You know — those people who make you do what you don’t want to do, those people who ignore your needs and those people who belittle your emotions. If you think that you ‘deserve’ respect from your children, then by definition, you are one of those people. That’s because feeling entitled to respect means you believe you are somehow innately superior and treat others as inferior. Just in case you didn’t get it, you are not superior.

Admiration is different; it…

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