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13 A**holes You Need To Avoid At This Weekend’s Halloween Party

Ok… My reblogs can’t be deep all the time… *roll eyes*

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1. The Racist Asshole

Blackface, afro wigs, binidis, geisha makeup: this person sees nothing wrong with appropriation. They’re over age 18 and have no ~youthful ignorance~ excuse. Tell this person to get a Tumblr and a fucking clue.

2. The Asshole Who Condescendingly Asks What You Are

“What are you supposed to be?” Supposed? Um, I am a zombie sailor, you pretentious dick in a beret.

3. The Asshole Who Thinks They Obnoxiously Have To Stay In Character

This asshole dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and all of the sudden they’re constantly talking in an accent and asking where the rum’s gone. You actually would like some of the rum, but they will not let up. They’re Mary Kate Olsen, chainsmoking inside your apartment even though you expressly forbid lighting up indoors. They’re the terrible Bridget Jones with the lazy British accent and even lazier lame sweater set…

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