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Curiosity: Meet the Halal Marshmallow.

Everything you didn’t know about Marshmallows.

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    Ah memories of childhood, playing out in the snow and coming inside to a steaming cup of hot chocolate heaped with those yummy mini marshmallows and of course roasting them on skewers over a campfire until they sometimes got so crispy, there wasn’t much left except a caved in poof of carbon.  Haven’t thought about it for years.

    But, today, walking around a local Halal market featuring all kinds of interesting foods, I noticed a bag of large marshmallows labeled “Halal”.  OK, so I couldn’t resist asking the shopkeeper, what makes a marshmallow Halal?  (Of course, Halal indicates that the food is accen by Muslims, much like the label Kosher indicates similar compliance with Jewish observance.)  “It’s the gelatin,” she said. “In our religion, we don’t eat pork, so those marshmallows are made without gelatin.”  Well, most explanations about how marshmallows are made do not list gelatin as an…

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