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16 Things To Be Grateful For When You’re 26

Thought Catalog

1. The fact that you learn you are in this uncanny period of limitless opportunities in your life. You are in no place to feign that you’re not going to need every last contact you’ve got. If you must walk out of something (whether it’s from a professional or emotional relationship), learn to do it benevolently, so the door won’t be locked if you need to walk back in.

2. You learn the purpose of love. You will go through the breakups and make-ups, which will teach you what you need to know, and direct you to bigger, better, and even happier things.

3. You learn to say “sorry” and “thank you” to strangers and loved ones in different ways. When you vocalize these words, you learn it does not make you a bigger or smaller person.

4. You learn to treat everyone as humans rather than inorganic servants. Ask…

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