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When systems designed to support you, harm you


Photo of text from workshop book From Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions with commentary by Sarcozona

Patients with chronic pain and illness often have a hard time getting the help and care they need from the medical system. Learning to manage our conditions is often a long, lonely process of trial and error and google. That’s why I was so excited when my counsellor recommended the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program to me – a program developed by actual medical professionals with research backing it up? How wonderful! It was developed at leading universities and is offered in a lot of communities. I think it does offer a lot of good, basic advice, especially if you’re newly diagnosed. However, I also think the program has some serious problems and the training of their facilitators does not seem rigorous. My experience with the program was very painful:

The chronic pain workshop was upstairs, but I…

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