Conversations I Wish I Had

what I wish to tell clients as an architect

Haha. I had a bit of a laugh. I guess I get it, the whole “go to consult an expert and contradict what he says”.


So , I am a junior architect, my responsibilities depend on what my boss deems unworthy of his time and definitely laborious and boring enough to not even consider doing it himself.  That said and cleared, I don’t exactly meet clients so often ,however, I meet enough when my by boss decides that this fits my job description … through my meetings I would love to tell clients these things but sadly can’t . Here it goes…

10. I don’t get why you insist on things that don’t function at all.

9. I don’t care what your neighbor say or your friends say or any of your past experiences remind you of or anything that is extremely unrelated to the design.

8. if you think you can design a building better than me , then why did you hire me.

7. don’t bring me catalogues of gigantic places that you…

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