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The Problem With Thinking Everything Has An Opposite

Thought Catalog

Spectrums are a problem. They exist neatly in between poles, caging in shades separated by the most minuscule differences, nonetheless restrained within boundaries.

I’m going to say something crazy.

Spectrums are a problem. As a society, we are so used to seeing in terms of binaries that we confine even the notion of spectrums to the area in between two opposing forces, with each “color” within the spectrum occupying a neat, distinct space.

The current understanding of spectrums provides alternatives to black and white in varying shades of gray.

That conception poses a problem for humans when we seek to transcend the limits of black and white in regards to race, gender, sexuality, and ideology. The attempt to escape labels dissolves into the attempt to replace us vs. them categorization by instead appealing to the idea of spectrums, where each entity can claim its rightful place — or rightful shade…

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