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Feminism and Autonomy

What can you do with anthropology?

The female body in Western culture is both traditionally and currently surrounded by controversy. There are many parts of the female body that are simply unacceptable, yet desirable in only a sexual manner. In contrast, the male body is completely acceptable and desirable, but in many ways other than sexual. Essentially women are regulated down to their sex organs, without being allowed to have any other state of personhood. How then can women claim bodily autonomy if their bodies are everything that they are judged upon? A woman with sexual power is still sexualized. Women who try to stay away from being sexualized by doing “unacceptable” things like refusing to shave or wearing baggy or male clothes are trivialized. And no matter what they wear, whether it be revealing or completely covering, women will always be sexualized. As a feminist I think it is very important to study how women…

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