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Looking at photos of our younger, less wrinkled, slimmer selves, it’ hard not to long for what we once had. And hindsight being what it is, we look back fondly and remember things a bit differently than they actually were. No, our world wasn’t perfect then. It just seems like it was.

Fab long time ago when we was fab

eldermirrorAging gets us all. I look in the mirror and long for how I used to look. These days I thank God for Photoshop and its “Reduce Noise” feature. I like to add a little “blur” to my photos these days. I can remove some of the wrinkles, red splotches and sags. It at least gives me the illusion of having work done without actually having work done. It’s similar to what they used to do for older actresses – they’d film them through a filter or a mesh screen…

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