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Are You Having Enough High Stakes Moments?

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image - Flickr / Adrian Sampson image – Flickr / Adrian Sampson

Yoshiro Nakamatso would suffocate himself underwater in order to come up with ideas. He invented the floppy disk when he was within 1/2 second of his death, about to drown.

He has 4,000 patents. He also has photographed every meal he’s ever taken for the past 34 years. He claims he’s the most prolific inventor in the world.

Creativity is high stakes. A lot of people write and tell me they are scared because they don’t know how to feed their family or they lost their job. I get it. It’s scary and I’ve been there and it wasn’t so long ago.

The air gets heavier and heavier. It multiplies and pushes your chest down until all you are is a breathing machine, trying to survive. It becomes impossible to create ideas.

Nakamatso was 0.5 seconds away from death and IBM is still paying…

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