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Motives for the Sexual Double Standard: A Test of Female Control Theory


by Laurie A. Rudman, Janell C. Fetterolf, and Diana T. Sanchez (Rutgers University – New Brunswick)

Imagine a friend or a relative came to you for sexual advice. Perhaps they recently had casual sex with someone they had just met, or maybe they are considering a “friends with benefits” type of relationship. Would their gender matter to you as you pondered what to say? For most people, it does. Men are much more likely than women to receive encouraging advice when it comes to sexual relationships, including having casual sex (Morgan, Thorne, & Zurbriggen, 2010). The gender gap in sexual agency both reflects and reinforces the persistence of the sexual double standard (SDS) – whereby it is far more acceptable for men than women to have sexual agency and multiple sex partners. Women have made numerous advances in their quest for equality, but the SDS is stubborn. Why? What are…

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