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Feminism: Reflections of a (Female) Engineer


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Feminism is quite a hot topic lately.  Just watch some of the videos I posted above, and you’ll quickly see it’s something you should have an opinion on, and fast.  After reading books like Lean In, watching these videos, and working in a “man’s world” I’ve formed my own opinion.  Here’s some food for thought:

Feminism isn’t about women being strong and powerful.  It’s not about men learning to respect women.   It’s not about little girls cursing or famous women calling you to action.  It’s not about women breaking the glass ceiling and becoming leaders.  It really is much simpler than that.

 It’s about women being whatever they want to be and doing whatever they want to do, and not changing those goals simply based on their sex.

 Some people seem to think feminism is about teaching girls that they can do whatever men can do.  I fully…

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