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Robyn Urback: Fluffy Justin Trudeau feature is an insult to serious women voters in Canada

National Post | Full Comment

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is ah-mazing. He does this adorable trick where he holds his five-month-old son upright by his feet. He wears khakis with no socks. He’ll jump in the pool with his clothes on. He’s “hell-bent on engaging women.” Sure, he’s had a few gaffes here and there, but “many voters aren’t sweating the details: They already like what they see in Trudeau — his storied lineage, his youthful energy, his awesome hair.” Swoon.

Tears in my eyes — from laughter, or despair, or both — I made it to the end of Chatelaine magazine’s feature story on the Liberal leader, which asks, “Is Justin Trudeau the candidate women have been waiting for?” In 2,500 words, the author takes us inside the Trudeau home, where readers watch the Liberal leader balance his youngest by his feet in his garden, pose for pictures with his family on…

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