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The Future Belongs To The Brokenhearted

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There are many quotes about who the future belongs to. The many quotes tend to involve people who are daring and outspoken – people who walk into a room with an air of confidence about them that causes heads to turn. But I’ve never been a person, a girl, and now a woman, who causes heads to turn. I slip in and out quietly in places, and I often go unnoticed. I never imagined in my younger years that I would still be so forgettable to the people I cross paths with. Alas, here I am. Forgettable. Forgettable and with a broken heart from too many of life’s pains.

But I do not think I am alone. One of the greatest things about being so invisible in the world around you and rarely making a sound, is that you get to watch people, you get to see who they really…

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