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Apple & Facebook’s “game changer”

Funny coincidence; was talking about that just a bit earlier…

On Empathy

Facebook and Apple have apparently decided to cover egg freezing for female employees. I have some thoughts about this….but first, a small note about my recent absence: I’m currently on vacation back home in North Carolina after finishing up my last couple of weeks of work at Law360. Next Monday, I’ll be starting a new job! It’s an exciting change, and the transition process has had me pretty busy lately. Thankfully I have a week to relax in between, and I’m trying to really do just that, but I couldn’t stay away from this space for long!

OK, down to business. I usually save topics like this for “Feminist Friday,” but every day this week is a basically Friday for me so when I came across this story I thought, why not? From NBC:

Facebook recently began covering egg freezing, and Apple will start in January, spokespeople for the companies told NBC News…

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