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#selfie: A Culture Obsessed with Social Media

What can you do with anthropology?

The Obama girls take a selfie.

The Obama girls take them, Justin Bieber takes them, The Pope takes them, just about everyone takes them: selfies. It seems as if the selfie has taken over social media, there’s even a song about taking selfies. According to recent findings from the Pew Research Centre, teenagers in America are sharing more information than ever about themselves on social media. Of those studied, 91% post photos of themselves online – up from 79% in 2006. The selfie has become a big part of the American culture. In fact, the selfie has become such a big part that even phone companies began making products with front facing cameras, for the purpose of taking selfies. The question now is why? Why are we so obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves, whether in a group or alone?

Part of the answer is that taking a photo of yourself and…

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