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Redefining Normal

What can you do with anthropology?

Every culture around the world has ideas about what is normal and what is not. Unfortunately, here in America people with physical disabilities are seen as not normal. What I mean when I say normal is something that adheres to what is usual, typical, or expected within a certain culture. Because they are not considered normal, we do not usually see them in photo shoots that take up numerous pages in magazines, there are close to no clothing ads with handicapped models, and few – if any – TV shows where the main character is handicapped.

In the article entitled “The Handi-Capable Body” by Kris Castner , she talks about having a sister who is handicapped. In this article, Kris brings to light the fact that often times we look upon handicapped people with pity and we only see what they can’t do. As Kris said in her article,

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