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Tips on writing every day

Jesse Koepke

Photo Oct 19, 10 13 12 PM

If you want to be a writer, you need to write. You need to put words on the page and form them into a story. Thinking about it won’t do it, wishing for it won’t make it happen. To do it you need to set time aside, sit down, and focus on simply and only writing.

Maybe you read that and think, “I want to but I don’t have time! And even when I do, I try to write and it feels uninspired and boring.” I’ve called myself a writer for years, but getting actual words onto an actual page has always been an illusive goal for me. Nothing sounded better than crafting an emotional, exciting story, but I would run out of time in the day or feel like I was cutting down a tree with a spatula.

So today is a big milestone for me: I have written every…

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