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In Praise of Grey’s Anatomy Portrayal Of Plus-Sized Women

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I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy religiously for years and I’ve always loved it. I loved the story lines, the characters, the interactions, the drama — everything about it. I’ve watched the series through twice, but only recently have I realized the hidden gem of this show.

Not once throughout nine seasons has it been mentioned that two of the main characters, Callie Torres and Miranda Bailey, are plus-sized women.

This, to me, is shockingly refreshing. Big girls are usually side characters on today’s television shows. Their story lines are not followed; at least not seriously. They are usually made out to be the punch lines of jokes, always louder than life, which gives both female and male viewers the vibe that if you’re bigger, you don’t matter much. If you’re bigger, your story isn’t taken seriously. If you’re bigger, you don’t fall in love — and if you do, it’s not…

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