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Ferguson Riots or Protests?

It takes an anthropologist to see the world with different eyes

What can you do with anthropology?

The Ferguson, Missouri “riots” have stirred up quite a bit of controversy when it comes to people determining what a riot is and what a protest is. In his article Professor Matt Thompson looks to distinguish what is the difference between a protest and a riot.

Since the death of Michael Brown the unrest in Ferguson has been well documented by the national media. However each news outlet’s coverage is dramatically different than another’s. One outlet described the people as “rioters” who stole items and destroyed property. However another outlet called those people thieves who just used the protests to cover committing a crime.

The term riot is a tough term to apply often because it is such a perspective based term. Thompson refers back to the term riot during the American Revolutionary War. The British government thought of the colonists as rioters and terrorists however to Americans they are…

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