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5 Things Women Have To Consider While Dating That Men Never Have To

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1. “Am I being carefree enough?”

Whether you realize it or not, when dating someone new, women are constantly straddling this weird line of whether or not they are being carefree enough or not. If we seem too interested, it could be a turn off. If we aren’t interested enough, he might not know we’re into him. It’s this ridiculous back and forth of trying to seem interested and trying to seem like we don’t care and, in the end, it’s so much disingenuous effort that we wish it didn’t have to be a consideration. It’s like there’s this fantasy world where everyone brashly states their intentions and nobody has to appear as anything except as they are and we all would like to get to that place, but nobody knows how to get there.

2. “Did I sleep with him too soon?”

When has a man ever…

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