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17 Words of Wisdom I Wish I Could Have Told My 17-Year-Old Self

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At 25 years old I feel like I have a good (O.K. good is a stretch) chunk of life figured out. Granted, the majority of that is how to effectively day drink and still be semi-productive afterwards but still, I feel like an almost adult. Take me back eight years and I was a totally different person. I wore smudged eyeliner from the night before because I thought it made me look intense, I rolled said lined eyes way too much for my own good, I listened to only *the freakin’ gReAtEsT* music, I basically knew EVERYTHING. At least I thought I did. But, of course, like everyone else I was dead wrong. If given the opportunity, I would march straight up to the locker I shared with my then best-friend Bailey, corner angst-ridden me with my Used T-shirt and my purple hair, and tell her what’s…

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