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17 Surprising Things You Learn About Yourself When You Move To A New Country

Thought Catalog

1. That you are more resourceful than you’ll ever give yourself credit for. Whether it’s innovating new ways to make the home meals that you miss or buying “necessities” to acclimatize yourself to your new home, you become inventive in ways you never imagined.

2. How comfortable you are with spending time alone. Whether it’s the initial nerve-wrecking process of making friends or simply needing time to miss everyone you’re not around anymore, you’ll spend lots of time alone. And you’ll learn how comfortable you are with yourself.

3. How well you really understand the similarities and differences between people. And whether those differences attract you or repel you from being around people who are like you, or different from you.

4. Whether you really are a “people person” or not. For the record, there’s nothing wrong with not being a “people person.” People can be exhausting, no matter where…

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