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Freedom Writers Diary #2: Catalysts for Change

A quote: ““Be the change you wish to see in the world” remains one of the most popular and overly used quotations, but I have to question: how many people who quote those words actually live them? How many people push themselves beyond their own boundaries to actually make a difference for someone else? How many of us battle the judgments of others or the uncomfortable stares in order to make things right?”

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Freedom Writers Series Journal #2: Catalysts for Change
In this entry, the writer quotes his/her mother having said, “One person can make a difference that can change the whole world.” Think of a famous person or someone you know who has changed or is in the process of changing the world and describe their achievement.

In diary entry 68, the student described many issues that surround her daily life. After describing the challenges she’s encountered, she commented, “Silence is my way of staying strong.” While staying silent proves useful when avoiding a problem, I don’t believe it is an actual solution to a true problem. To counter that statement on silence, journal entry 74 portrayed my views on speaking up precisely when the writer’s mother advised him that, “One person can make a difference that can change the whole world.”

When I was younger, I didn’t comprehend the concept of…

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