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The 8 People Who Will Unexpectedly Define Your College Experience

Awww. I miss college.

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Liberal ArtsLiberal Arts

About a year or so ago, I watched Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts. The movie is about a 35 year-old dude who’s a bit stuck in life, goes back to his small liberal arts school in Ohio, somewhat falls in love with a 19 year-old, and ultimately learns a bunch of things about talking to girls in bookstores. The movie features a small role starred by Zac Efron, who plays a nouveau hippy-stonerish dude who, despite seeming not-at-all on the right track, has enough charisma and inborn curiosity to pique Josh Radnor’s character’s interest — and lead him down a Twilight-filled road that makes him tackle the big questions.

In other words, Zacky plays one of those fleeting people, who, despite having only been around for a night or two, seems to be undeniably impactful. Here are a few others that unexpectedly come to define your college experience:


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