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You know you’ve reached a new level of sleep deprived when you’ve started tracking your sleep on an iPhone app.(No, seriously…I’ve been TRACKING my sleep on an iphone app).

I’ve tried everything from not drinking coffee (haha, jk, neverrrrrr), to yoga, to going to bed earlier, to guided Sunday night meditations. Alas, I have simply not been able to sleep for oh, I don’t know, about two months. I even started writing down my thoughts before getting in bed at night and upon waking up in the morning to see if there was any correlation between how I was sleeping and what I was thinking about. Maybe if I could figure out exactly what was on my mind, I could get a better feel for where my brain was at.

What I realized was that between relationship stress, social stress, work stress, money stress, and everything in between stress, a…

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