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The Ways We Keep Ourselves From Who We Really Are

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韓 承燁韓 承燁

It’s almost impossible to let who we truly are come through. We gather up this evidence from other people about who we are. We mirror ourselves based off the expectations that others have of us. And, on the one hand, it feels good, especially when we’re appreciated, complimented, given perks or gifts based off our talents. That’s the shiny, happy side of the ego. That’s the reason we hold onto our egos even when our egos are causing us the most suffering of all. It’s because, on the other side of the nastiness of ego, is that shiny part, the part where we are affirmed and admired.

But, we can become too attached to those affirmations. We can scratch and claw for external validation. We can wake up each morning without realizing that the opinions others hold for us have become more important than the opinions we hold…

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