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14672893538_847231f5f6_zCora Alvarez

Have you ever done – or heard of – a zen tangle? It’s a drawing exercise where you take a pen and mark a few points on a little piece of paper and then you take a pencil and you draw webs of patterns and designs and you can’t and don’t erase. When you make a ‘mistake,’ you draw through it and around it. The lines always meet at the pen points. The pen is irreversible but pre-determined. The pencil is irreversible but in your control.

There is no right or wrong. Only wide or narrow, open or closed, intricate or simple, big or small, full or sparse.

While I was in college, I took a Peace & Conflict Studies course that, despite being far off the beaten trail of academia, really plunged into screwy ways of thinking that we didn’t realize we both had and thought were okay. The point being that…

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