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The Ethical Questions of Staffing the Ebola Response


The Ebola Outbreak is beginning to capture global attention, particularly for those in the aid sector (excluding those who have been involved for months now). Over 2,600 people have died in West Africa, including doctors and nurses who contracted the disease from patients they were trying to help. As with any outbreak, several ethical questions emerge. There are always ethical debates where humanitarian aid is concerned, but these debates seem to be somehow different (whether that is justified or not is yet another debate).

What are the ethical questions surrounding sending aid staff out to West Africa? The INGO responses are just beginning to build – again excluding those like MSF who have been out there since the outset – and the likes of ReliefWeb are beginning to see increases in listings for Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, Benin etc. Although ebola is only transmitted through direct contact with the…

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