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Being Erica — the end. I have been inspired, and then some…

Oh Being Erica. I’ve been quite nostalgic about that series.

Finding Clarity in the Madness: A Journey to Appreciating the Beauty in the Breakdown of Who I Am

I’m actually sad to see this show come to an end.  I watch a lot of shows in my free time, but this series has always been different.  It’s always felt like more than just tv.  It was like checking into a counselling session every time I watched, knowing that I’d come out a little more self-aware and inspired.  Sometimes it felt like work, so I’d put off watching episodes until I felt mentally prepared for another onslaught of emotional rediscovery and growth.

I’ve always appreciated the value of quotes and choice phrases in general, though I can never remember any when I need to and many “famous” ones are exploited ad nauseum and thrown out of context for mundane instances that minimize their worth.  In any case, I’ve grown attached to a lot of quotes and concluding monologues from Being Erica, some of which are famous and…

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