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Minty watermelon popsicles

Chef in disguise

Making all kinds of popsicle is one summer activity I really enjoy doing with the kids. They love thinking up flavors and combinations, pouring the different fruit mixes into the molds and the part they love the most is unmolding the popsicles. The part they hate is waiting for the popsicles to solidify. To tell you the truth that is the part I hate the most too because depending on what mix is waiting for them in the freezer they can check on it anywhere from every half an hour to every couple of hours with the question:(Muuuuuuuuuuuuum is it done yet?).These minty watermelon popsicles are my son’s favorite at the moment. They are really easy to make, super refreshing and nothing can quinch your thirst and cool you down like watermelons.


You can flavor watermelon popsicles with a variety of flavors. You can use ready made syrups like pomegranate syrup or rose…

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