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A Letter To The Guy You Won’t Give Up On

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Here we are again.

The exact same fight we had for the past few years. You call me a bitch I call you an asshole. We exchange words of hate. We go days, weeks, months, without a word. I complain to my friends about the same story they have heard for years uttering the same advice, like a parrot who only knows one phase; “Don’t talk to him anymore he’s a dick. Just walk away.” If only it were that easy, in fact it is that easy. You choice to stay. You get the call or text after long periods of silence and you wish you had the strength to just ignore it. But like every hero in life we all have kryptonite.

So you answer hoping it won’t end in a fight that makes you mad. It makes you even more mad that fights with him ruin your day. So you agree to…

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