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How To Be Classic In 2014

“Being yourself shifted from being a burden to a liberation. And now it’s the foundation on which we’ve built the new wave of “cool.” Of identity, of freedom, of honesty. Cool is no longer how well you can pretend — it’s how daring you’re willing to be.”

Thought Catalog

“Cool” was always a definitive thing.

We can all recall the staples that defined a specific decade – the offensive jokes we had to find funny, the way we had to burn or fry our hair into something it was never meant to be, the unflattering but “stylish” things we’d see in the hall and instantly feel an overwhelmingly compulsive need to run out after school and beg our parents to get us the same, exact thing.

We had to become someone different to belong, and to brand every aspect of our lives to prove it.

But there was so much strain in giggling along to things we never found funny. In constantly changing groups and cliques and styles and mannerisms because they never quite fit right. “Cool” used to carry the air of vague superiority, of elite-ness, of being untouchable and carefree — but it doesn’t anymore.

Now we…

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