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5 Rom Coms And How They Ruined My Life

Just because I had a laugh reading it.

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I love romantic comedies. I’ve seen almost all of them. Yes—all of them. One of my most memorable sexual experiences involved me and my date watching the movie “Along Came Polly,” and sex almost didn’t happen because I wanted to finish watching the movie. Those movies are my favorite, but they have also ruined my life. Every relationship I’ve been involved in, I’ve tried to imagine what romantic comedy that relationship would turn out to be.
However, life is not a romantic comedy. In real life, there are very real reactions to romantic comedy movie plots. I recently decided to try to relate my past experiences to figure out where I went wrong. I found five movies and related them to five of my real-life experiences involving romance.

1. Blind Date

This movie stars Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger. It involves an overworked man…

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